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Fill out the following application and we will reach out to you shortly. We are looking for passionate, hardworking students who want to spread their love for computer science to the community.
What is your name?

What grade are you in?

Which of the following positions would you be interested in at TeamsCode?

Answers with (*) are for specific contests, not the overall TeamsCode organization. If you are interested in a position that's not listed, please add it in the "other" option.

Why do you want to join TeamsCode?

What background do you have in computer science?

What is your GPA?

Are you a club leader at your school? If so, would your club be interested in hosting an annual club-directed TeamsCode event?

What objectives would you like to see TeamsCode working towards? How would you improve TeamsCode?

How many hours a week can you work on TeamsCode for?

What parts of the year would you NOT be able to work for TeamsCode? And vice versa (can you work during the summer)?

Would you be interested in continuing your work at TeamsCode in college?

What else would you like us to know?

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